urban landscapes

A series of drawings and objects that are corresponding with aerial photographs. In the center of each and one of them is a kind of mosaic that combines settlement with agricultural fields and access roads.
The series of works was done at the end of a unique MTB cycling project, in which I crossed the country from the far north, from Nimrod in the Golan Heights, through the Jerusalem mountains flooded with battle sites, the Arava region and the southernmost city – Eilat, for eight days. I built the route using navigation maps on the route of the ‘Israeli Trail’ and it included the daily planning of each of the riding days, the stopping points as well as the starting and ending point of each and every day. During the ride itself, it was a life-changing encounter with the changing soil and terrain route, as well as the smells that accompanied its course.
This journey went through all the points and types of Jewish and Arab settlement from north to south and symbolically represents the landscapes outside the urban areas of the big cities.

Grey City
Year: 2019


Size: 12x12 cm
Technique: black clay
The Way We Look
Year: 2015


Size: 40x40x2 cm (a series of six)
Technique: pencils and ink on wood