About me

My three decades long multidisciplinary journey, explores both the theoretical and practical aspects of materialistic cultures and their historical and anthropological development over time, across religions, continents, and nations. Over the years I’ve been involved in multitude of studies and disciplines, including Art History, Museology and Curating studies at the Tel-Aviv University, alongside practical Art studies and practices, such as Architectural design, and local and overseas crafting.

These experiences induced the establishment of an intimate, decorative and intuitive visual language which is manifested in the form of symbols, icons and pictograms that fuse together to become my personal dictionary of terms, concepts and shapes, inspired by ancient cultures, legends and fantasies. The fundamental of my work is based on ornamental, geometric patterns, coming into life as laborious, condensed drawings or illustrations. Discovering the bare essence of Chinese-Japanese calligraphy had a profound, irreversible effect on my artistic work as well as life in general, my personal color pallet was reduced to black and white, and I had dedicated a decade to further explore the universe of grey colors while practicing the core calligraphy philosophy and techniques. 

The black Japanese calligraphy ink had surfaced a world of images and references of tribal, animistic African culture which gave rise to a set of imaginary heroes and gods’ sculptures as well as African textile textures which became an integral part of my visual language. Paradoxically and without planning, it was Africa who led me to my childhood memories and landscapes of the Caspian Sea shore, where Europe and Asia meet.

Currently I am focused on the exploration of my deepest childhood memories, trying to identify the fine line connecting my brutal and sudden immigration from the shores of the Caspian Sea to a remote small town in the Israeli Negev area and then repeatedly relocations into the Center of Israel, once again into new rhythms and climate conditions. It is a personal journey that connects different cultures, languages, landscapes, sounds, scents, materials, and emotions which are reflected in my work. A journey which encodes my sense of nomading, utilizing motives taken from Africa, the cradle of humanity and thereafter, progressing to esthetic Japanese notions while using alternate crafts to appropriate remote cultural origins for the purpose of creating my own family tree and heritage.


2014 – 2016   Museum and Curatorial studies, Tel Aviv University

2003 – 2008   Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy, “Broshim” Campus,
Tel Aviv University

2004 – 2005    Interior Design, “Ultima” School, Gaash

1990 – 1994    Art History, Tel Aviv University

1986 – 1989    Jewellery Design, “Meimad”,
Tel Aviv


Solo Exhibitions

2022  Love Art Make Art, Artist’s Studio, Jaffa
2021   My Maritime Journey, Illustration Week, Jaffa
2021   Love Art Make Art, Artist’s Studio,  Jaffa
2021   Open Houses, Artist’s Studio, Jaffa

Group Exhibitions 

2023 – (spring) Lilienthal Gallery, Knoxville, Tennessee, US
2023 – Portrait 2023, CICA Museum, Gimpo, South Korea
2022 – Adama A-Dam, The Rishon LeZion Foundation, Rishon Le-Zion
2022 – Nature’s Treasure, Municipal Art Gallery, Gordon London House, Rishon Le-Zion
2022 – False Awakening, The Givat Haviva Art  Gallery, Givat Haviva
2022 – Spirit of Time, Workshop Art Gallery, Yavne
2022 – Textile Exhibition, Museum of Philistine Culture, Ashdod
2021 – Israeli Art 2021, Bank Hapoalim Headquarters, Tel  Aviv
2021 – The Best of Illustration Week 2021, city streets of old Jaffa
2021 – Take Me Home, The Jerusalem Biennale, Old  Shaarey Tzedek Hospital, Jerusalem
2021 – Point of Credit, The Israeli Spirit, Discount Bank Branch Central, Tel Aviv
2016 – Fragmented Identities, International ArtExpo, Palazzo Ca’Zanardi, Venice
2012 – du@2/2012, Ha-Agam Gallery, Raanana
2011 – The secret postcard project, Fresh Paint 4, Tel Aviv
2010 – The secret postcard project, Fresh Paint 3, Tel  Aviv
2010 – Adam Adama, Regional Art, Neve Yarak
2009 –  Wa no Kaze, Japan embassy, Tel Aviv
2007 – Shodo, the Way of the Brush, Ohel Shem, Ramat  Ganspring